Grab A Wagon..

No need for grocery carts! You are at the patch now! Grab a red wagon and get to it! Your pumpkins aren't going to find themselves!


Outdoor Fun

There are so many photo opportunities at Kleather's so don't forget your camera! Be sure to find the measuring stick for your annual picture to see how much you've grown!
Outside you will find a variety of pumpkins, corn stalks, straw bales, mums, and maybe even a few critters pecking at the ground!


Check Out

Located inside the barn you will find an assortment of fall goodies you just can't miss! From colorful gourds, delicious squash, dozens of bagged candies and homemade jams, be sure to grab our famous apple cider slushies before you start weighing your pumpkins!


Say Cheese!

What is with the Wizard?
Kleather's founders Joe and Marsha Kleather wanted to incorporate the iconic movie that reaches so many generations! After all, there is no place like home, or Kleather's!

Pumpkin Carriage

Whether you are wearing a glass slipper or tennis shoes, make sure you take a picture in front of our gorgeous pumpkin carriage! The carriage makes a perfect stop for homecoming pictures or even wedding proposals!

The pumpkin carriage stops here every fall! No glass slipper required :)