In the summer of 1976, Joe Kleather (my father) decided he wanted to try his hand at pumpkins. He jokes now that if that first patch hadn’t taken root, we might be in a completely different field (pun intended).

As luck, mother nature, and God would have it, that crop did take. He sold that first little batch of pumpkins off of his pick up truck with a self-serve honor system. Soon enough, the years that followed the demand grew for even larger crops of the orange fall fellow.

In 1983, Joe and Marsha Kleather were wed and they continued to sell pumpkins, spring flowers and even Christmas trees! Joe and Marsha were blessed with help from family and close family friends to help assist in running the barn and festivities. Quickly, our family grew with three daughters who also joined the ranks!

Each and every summer the family hand plants each seed, covers it up with a little bit of soil and moves on to the next. In the heat of summer, for over four decades the whole family has planted a wonderful crop of pumpkins, squash, gourds and dreams.

Through the years the Kleather family has seen the town of Springboro grow immensely from their Victorian home on 73. However, every fall in the sweet town of Springboro one thing remains the same: Kleathers.

The little red wagons are wheeled out from the barn, the train takes display in the front corner and the pumpkin carriage is hoisted in front of the house. Fall must be just around the corner if Kleather’s is starting to buzz again!

Whether you have visited Kleather’s from the very start, or are just thinking about stopping by thanks for stopping by to check it out! Come on in for an apple cider slushie, good conversation or maybe even a pumpkin! I am sure there will be plenty to be had for all!

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